My unique Coaching style is based on my own personal and professional journey, including over 20 years of devotion toward and practice of Chinese Medicine, my study with Dr Mikio Sankey (founder of Esoteric Acupuncture, Los Angeles), Dr Joe Dispenza (meditation teacher and author), and more recently my human behaviour training with Dr John Demartini (human behaviour specialist and author).

I am here to support and assist others in their growth and transformation, so that they can draw deep meaning from their life experiences and connect with their purpose and inspired mission.

My Coaching is not based on “self improvement”.  It is based on recognising and fully appreciating yourself (and others) as unique and WHOLE beings.

Authenticity, inspiration and leadership requires that we do the “inner work”.  It requires that we take the time in our lives to get present, reflect, take ownership and see “balanced polarity” in all of our life experiences.  Only then can we connect back to our centre, and feel true gratitude for how life has assisted us to grow and evolve.

I help my clients to overcome:  chronic mental and emotional stress, emotional shock, childhood trauma, complex and traumatic grief, shame, guilt, feelings of unworthiness, feeling “stuck” in life, insecurity, chronic pain, fear and uncertainty (due to significant life change), low self esteem and relationship issues.

Bringing the mind into a state of neutrality, opens our heart to life and helps us to live more authentically and intuitively (in alignment with our highest values).


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Client Testimonials

“Working with Rachel has helped me transform my life at its core.  I often used to ask myself, “how can I live life less from a place of worry, and more from a place of ease and flow?”.  “Why do I attract people, relationships & jobs that don’t seem to offer me equal returns?”.  “How can I manage my energy and time better?”. 

It wasn’t until I suffered a major personal loss, that I decided I was ready and booked in my first facilitation with Rachel.  Rachel’s Coaching helped me to transform my thoughts and beliefs on a deep level.  With Rachel’s guidance, I started to delve more deeply into my inner landscape, looking head-on at my patterns, a journey of self discovery that helped me to become much more self-aware.

I have now had the pleasure of being coached by Rachel consistently for the last 2 years, and I continue to evolve at a pace like never before.  There is far less fear and hesitation holding me back.  Every single session with Rachel helps me to navigate my way back to wholeness and appreciate the “hidden order” in my life events.  Being coached by Rachel has helped me to step into my personal power, trust my intuition and expand my horizons beyond what I thought was possible for my life.  I feel connected to my values and my personal mission, and close relationships around me have flourished. 

I highly recommend Rachel as a Coach and Intuitive Guide.  Taking the leap into transformational work can be scary, but it’s worth taking that leap, because what’s on the other side is a more authentic and empowered version of yourself, that can transform any challenge into opportunity and live life from a place of inspired presence.

Rachel provides a gentle and empathic space for you to feel seen and heard, but will also hold you to account to do the work, she is 100% committed to your growth and transformation”.

Dhwani, 2023. 


“I was going through a really hard time in 2021 due to the passing of a very dear friend.  My hormones were “all over the place” and I was also suffering a physical pain flare up. 

I felt intuitively drawn to Rachel’s Coaching, as I was a previous Acupuncture client of hers and trusted her 100%.  I took the leap and booked a session with her to help me navigate and process my life experience.  The session with Rachel was profound, and helped me to release my grief by seeing the hidden order in my life experience.  I felt layers of an old version of myself “fall away” after we did the session, and I noticed that I started showing up in my business more authentically and with a new level of self confidence.  My physical pain episode resolved on its own and my hormones re-stabilised.  I had no idea that my grief was triggering all of these issues.  The session with Rachel grounded me, and opened my Heart to life again.  She helped me to realise that I have everything I need within me at all times.  What a precious gift.  THANK YOU Rachel you Beautiful Soul! X”.

Janel, 2021. 


“I initially went to see Rachel 2.5 years ago for Acupuncture after a 16 year long battle with chronic pain.  I had exhausted all treatment options and was close to giving up hope.  My pain was constant and utterly debilitating, and was negatively affecting all areas of my life.

Rachel told me that there was a deeper underlying reason that my body was “holding onto” this pain.  This is when my journey with Rachel began..  Her coaching helped me to more deeply explore and neutralise a significant “trauma” from my past, which was driving my bodies stress response and inflammation pattern. 

I am very happy to say that i am now free from chronic pain and that my life has shifted dramatically!

We started by sitting down and figuring out the exact moment that my pain began, and finding the associations with what was happening in my life at that time (on an emotional level).  I now understand that when emotions are suppressed in the body, if they are not harmonised, they will eventually create physical symptoms and disease.   With Rachels guidance, i was able to neutralise the painful moments in my past that contributed to my pain.  It’s a process, but it works!

Rachels coaching not only dissolved my chronic pain condition, she also helped me to gain vital skills that elevated my business from a local to a global platform.  She helped me to overcome my struggles with public speaking and self confidence.  As a result, i have stepped into my authentic leadership and am now pursuing bigger goals that inspire me!  I have also learnt how to self-regulate and “step back” when necessary to preserve my creative energy.

Rachel is a kind and knowledgable person with a sincere intention to help others on their journey.  Through her expertise i have regained my quality of life, and for that i will be forever grateful!”.

Dean, 2023.


“Rachel was recommended to me during a very difficult time, in which i felt lost and consumed by pain and grief.

This very heavy feeling was weighing me down and i could not shake it.  I was already in face to face therapy, but felt that there was a disconnect because things in my life were not improving.  

I immediately felt a connection with Rachel, and after my first 3-4 breakthrough sessions, i felt physically LIGHTER, like a weight was finally lifting off me.  I realised that i had been tormenting myself with an incredible amount of negative self-talk, that was holding me back from being who i really am and creating the life that i want!

Rachels coaching helped me to find the balance (hidden order) in my past life experiences that i was still stuck in and unable to fully let go of.  I was able to release my grief, transform my pain, and begin to look towards new dreams and goals.  I am now celebrating being the owner of my own home, something that i had aspired to for a very long time!  

I am truly grateful to Rachel for her time, patience, experience, dedication and wise guidance.  I could not have dug myself out of the trench without her”.

Diana, Romania, 2023.


– 1 Empowerment Coaching
Session (2 hours):  $600

– Package of 4 Coaching
Sessions:  $1800